Supplyline's business model aligns with manufacturers and distributors looking to provide a better experience online.

We work to deliver an exceptional experience for both buyers and sellers and charge a fraction of the value that is generated along the way.

These costs are incurred on the seller in two ways:

1. Platform Fee: Fixed monthly subscription for all active sellers. Pricing is determined based on the seller plan that you choose.

2. Commission: Percentage of the net selling price based on the designation of item sold (per below) and plan that you are on

  • Based on Margin: For distributed items with known multipliers (wholesale prices from the factory are mostly harmonized), commission is determined based on the calculated margin.

  • Based on Net Price: For manufactured, integrated, or variable cost items (where base cost cannot be estimated) commission is calculated as a percentage of the total net selling price.

Note that commission rates on manufactured products are equivalent to those of distributed products sold at ~50% margin.

Seller Plans

Commission Rate

Platform Fee

Dist'd Product

Mfr'd Product




($$$) xx.xx%


($) $ xx.xx

$ xx.xx


($$) xx.xx%


($$) $ xx.xx

$ xx.xx


($) xx.xx%


($$$) $ xx.xx

$ xx.xx


(% of margin)

(% of net price)

* Talk to the Supplyline team to determine which one is right for you.

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