Blue-White recommends cleaning roller assemblies every time tubing is changed. This video shows you how it's done!

Video: Roller Assembly Maintenance - Flex-Pro Peristaltic Metering Pump by Blue-White

Transcript (auto-generated):

Proper maintenance of roller assemblies for the Flex Pro peristaltic metering pump will increase tube life and reduce time and money spent on maintenance on the right is an example of a poorly maintained roller assembly we will take a look at how to properly care for these components first let's break down which spacers are required for the three different flex probe pump roller assemblies the largest roller assembly requires one thick spacer in the front and one in the back the medium-size assembly for the a3 and m3 pump requires just one slim spacer in the back the small a 2 m2 pump requires the same as the a4 and m4 pump one thick spacer on the front and one thick spacer in the back note upon shipment the front spacer is attached to the pump head cover before we get started here is your check list of supplies degreaser any household brand will do a rag a scrub sponge silicon oil lubricant available at your local hardware store high temp grease also something you can pick up your local hardware store and then don't forget a brush you'll need that to apply the grease remove the pump head cover press the start button to have the pump initiate a slow rotor rotation this is called the maintenance mode once you've removed the tube assembly press stop slide the roller assembly from the motor shaft take note of the white spacers this pump only has one in the back if you're working with the large a 4m four pumps you'll notice the shaft extensions still inside the roller assembly when it's pulled from the pump head you can knock this out with a screwdriver and a mallet remove any debris chemical and grease from the roller assembly with your degreaser and rag you'll want to verify the rollers or free-spinning any seasoning of these parts will cause extra friction and wear on the tubes wife chemical grease and debris from the interior of the pump head and motor shaft with the degreaser and rag be sure the TFT sensor pins are also intact and clear of debris they're located the bottom back of the pump head take the scrub sponge and remove any tough build-up this buildup can lead to added to where if left unmanaged roller assembly is made of two squeezed rollers and two guide rollers the larger squeeze rollers contain bearings place a drop of silicone oil at the end of the rollers to lubricate these bearings it's also a good idea to lubricate the guide rollers too making sure they're free spinning being off any excess oil that may have ended up on the surface of the rollers themselves tube assemblies in silicon oil don't mix in order to grease the motor shaft press Start to turn on the maintenance mode this gets the shaft spinning at a low rpm take your high temp grease and paint it onto the motor shaft now grease up any spacers time to reassemble place your newly cleaned and oiled roller assembly onto the shaft after pressing start insert a new tube assembly now replace the cover we recommend cleaning your pop head and roller assembly as often as you change your tubes proper maintenance will extend tube life and reduce meanness costs now throw that pump back into the field

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