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How does Supplyline handle returns?
How does Supplyline handle returns?
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Supplyline works with you to make returns as seamless as possible for your team as well as the Buyer.

By default, we ask sellers to honor returns within 30 days of shipment for a full credit or exchange (if the product is undamaged). Ultimately, however, the return policy for each item is set by the your T&Cs.

Typical exceptions that should be clear in your terms and communicated to the buyer

upon order confirmation:

Non-Refundable Items

Sometimes products may be non-refundable. If you order a non-refundable product, we will contact you prior to fulfilling your order, advise you of the refund restrictions, and offer you the option to cancel.

Restocking fees

While we aim to minimize these fees, we understand that some configured items are costly to restock. These costs are passed along to the Buyer.

Shipping costs

While most outgoing shipment costs are paid for by Supplyline and/or the buyer, return shipments are the responsibility of the seller and/or buyer.

Supplyline's Commission

Supplyline will credit you the original commission as a percentage of the refund that is provided to the buyer (i.e. less restocking fee). Supplyline may also withhold any shipping costs that we incur during the return process.

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