We understand that many of our sellers have existing customers for which they may or may not want to bring onto the Supplyline platform. That's ok.

We also understand that you may not want to commit to Supplyline indefinitely. That's also ok - we want to earn it!

What we do ask, and explicitly specify in our Terms, is that any transaction that starts on Supplyline, stays on Supplyline. This includes leads, quote requests, engineered orders, etc. and applies whether payment is made through the Supplyline platform or via some other means.

We know there are ways that this can be gamed - with declined, canceled, and lost requests on Supplyline, and corresponding "new" orders won off-platform. We ask that you honor the sprit of this clause in addition the the letter of it. If extenuating circumstances arise, please communicate those to us.

Per our Terms: All transactions that are initiated by the Buyer on the Supplyline Platform must be completed via the Supplyline Platform. In the event users go outside the platform and settle the payment outside for the products and services listed on the Supplyline platform, this action shall be considered a breach of these terms of conditions.

We work very hard to bring you new buyers, new leads, and new orders, and hope that we are providing you a valuable service in this manner. To maintain a level of respect and professionalism with all parties in the Supplyline network, we may suspend accounts flagged for abuse of our fee structure, billing process, or policies in any way.

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