Our mission at Supplyline is to make it easier to select, buy, and support industrial equipment. In order to do this, we are rethinking the way waterworks professionals (Buyers) interface with specialty equipment manufacturers and distributors (Sellers).

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Below is a (non-legally binding but more plain language) summary and elaboration on the key points for Seller accounts. A similar article is available for buyers here. (TO BE ADDED)

Scope of Service

Supplyline is an online platform that facilitates sales between buyers and sellers.

We are not:

  • Manufacturers, involved in the design or engineering of equipment

  • Distributors or reps, involved in the buying, stocking, and selling of equipment

  • Resellers or integrators, involved in the packaging and sale of equipment

  • Operators or experts, involved in the qualification, installation, and application of equipment

We are a technology business, focused on removing friction between these parties with digital tools. As such, we exclude ourselves and our platform from the liabilities that may exist in the design, application, trade, and operations of the equipment, supplies, and services that may be selected, sold, and/or supported via the Supplyline platform.

Keeping transactions on Supplyline

This topic is discussed in this dedicated article.

The bottom line is that transactions that are initiated on the platform must remain on the platform (with commissions paid accordingly). It is against our terms to take a lead, quote, or order "off-platform". If exceptional circumstances arise, let us know.

That does not mean that all future orders from that buyer must also be initiated on Supplyline, but we ask that you not explicitly deter, direct, or incentivize any buyer away from Supplyline.

Your role as a seller:

Application: Becoming a seller requires registration and approval.

Subscription: We charge a monthly platform fee that is discussed here. Maintaining your Seller account requires keeping a subscription in good standing. These will auto-renew each period, unless a cancellation is requested.

Product Listings: Supplyline has the right (and makes significant efforts, but is not obligated) to help curate and maintain high quality product listings. To that end, we ask for high quality inputs. In the case of shared catalog listings, when you decide to [ sell this ] listing, you agree to notify us of any typographical errors.

Orders: When a buyer initiates a transaction, that may be routed to you. You, as the seller, have the right to refuse, decline, or cancel any order. You are asked to reply (accept, reject, or communicate) within

Fulfillment: Sellers should make every effort to meet buyer expectations, communicate exceptions, and fulfill orders accurately and on time (but we don't guarantee that you will).

Commission: We collect a commission on each order. This is based on a number of factors that are laid out here and are shared with you during the onboarding process. You agree to pay this commission.

Shipping cost: Buyers are responsible (by default) for shipping costs and taxes. Supplyline may then extend free shipping to the buyer, based on a certain factors.

Delivery: You are responsible to facilitate and ensure successful delivery. Supplyline (or the buyer) may specify the desired delivery method (e.g. our UPS Account), but we do not take responsibility for the quality of the product upon arrival.

Returns: Damaged, incomplete, and defective products must be returnable within a reasonable warranty period. Buyer's may agree to your seller-specific T&Cs upon checkout.


Disputes between buyers and sellers: We encourage you to settle disputes informally. In the event you cannot, we reserve the right to withhold payments, mediate the dispute, and provide a binding resolution between the parties without assuming any liability related to the matter.

Disputes with Supplyline: We ask that you contact us to clearly explain your complaint before taking any formal action. If either party does require formal procedures, we offer and lay out arbitration as the strongly preferred alternative to litigation. If litigation is required, you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State of Delaware within the USA.

Intellectual property

Our IP: We reserve all rights related to our platform and services. This includes any suggestions or feedback you make with respect to the website.

Our IP concerns: You will not attempt to scrape, copy, hack, or otherwise impair our website, data, or services. We fully reserve the right to terminate your account.

Your IP: Supplyline does not claim any ownership over your content. Rather, you agree to give Supplyline a temporary license to manage, edit, and reproduce the content posted on the Supplyline platform.

Your IP concerns: We ask that you first notify Supplyline of any concerns. If unable to resolve, notifications can be made via the DMCA notice and policy as laid out in the terms.

Limitation of liability

We are not liable for any losses, damages, or negative impacts. We make no guarantees, and to the extent legally permitted, we exclude all warranties of any kind. This is laid out explicitly in our terms.

Again, this article is for contextual purposes only, and has no impact on the. PLEASE READ THE FULL TERMS HERE and PRIVACY POLICY HERE.

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