Return Policy:

Supplyline works with each seller to ensure a certain minimum standard for returns and provide you with a consistent experience.

The baseline for standard returns include:

  • 30-day window: Sellers will generally permit the Buyer to return unused and undamaged goods within 30 days from the delivery date of the shipment.

  • RMA validation: The Buyer must obtain and include in the return shipment a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number from the seller

Exceptions vary by product, category, and seller. These exceptions will be communicated at checkout and/or at order acknowledgement.

Exceptions may exist for:

  • Manufacturer restock fees: Costs incurred for restocking fees designated by the manufacturer may be passed along to the buyer

  • Non-standard and engineered products: Certain non-stock configurations and customized products may be designated as non cancelable - non returnable (NC-NR) and not be eligible for return

  • Final Sale Items: Discounted sales of discontinued products, items with limited shelf life, and "final sale" items may not be eligible for return

  • Bad faith: Repetitive or abusive returns from the same customer

Refund Policy:

Refunds are initiated within 3 days of approval from the seller.

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