Blue-White's tubing failure detection is designed to trigger when tubing ruptures, but not respond to water. Here is a video of how to configure and test this feature.

Video: Flex-Pro® A3 Patented Tube Failure Detection - Testing and Setup

Transcript (auto-generated):

The a3 features a patented - failure detection system that will automatically shut down the pump in the event the pump - brushers and chemicals detected in the pump head the system is designed to react to most chemicals but disregard water this exclusive feature will prevent false triggering due to rain condensation and wash down maintenance procedures while the system is designed to react to most chemicals the user should perform a test with their specific chemical to ensure proper function to test the system remove the pump tube and roller assembly exposing the TFD sensors place a small amount of the chemical inside the bottom of the pump head to simulate a leak ensure that the chemical completely covers both sensors creating a closed circuit replace the pump head cover prompted to set the tube timer simply press Enter the TFT system should activate within 2 seconds an alarm icon will be displayed remove the pump head cover press the stop button to clear the TF do on be sure to wipe clean any chemical from inside of the pump head and from the TFD sensor pins in the event that the TF D system did not trigger the sensitivity can be adjusted through the menu default setting is set as 75% sensitivity and the TF D range goes from 75% to a hundred percent to set the TF D sensitivity press the menu button then press and release the down arrow to highlight the input setup selection and press Enter press and release the down arrow until the set T FD selection is highlighted press ENTER to increase sensitivity press the up arrow to decrease press the down arrow once the sensitivity is set press ENTER to back out of the previous menu press and release the down arrow to highlight the escape selection and press Enter is recommended that the pump be left at the default setting of 75 percent sensitivity this will eliminate your chance of false triggers only increased sensitivity if the solution you are pumping does not trigger the TFG alarm at 75 percent.

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