The DICE™ design allows for the installation of a pulsation dampener. This video is demonstrating how to install it on a DICE™ modules DS. The procedure is the same for a DICE™ DM.

Video: DICE™ DS/DM: How to Install a Pulsation Dampener on a DICE™ Module

Transcript (auto-generated):

The dice D s and DM modules are equipped with three ports on the side they can be used for secondary pumps or for additional accessories such as a pulsation dampener pressure transmitter etc the two low reports I proved before the back pressure valve and the top port is routed after the back pressure valve in this video we will be showing how simple you can integrate a pulsation dampener on a dice Diez module before proceeding with the pulsation dampener installation make sure there is no pressure or residual chemical inside the dice unit I always wear the required personal protective equipment refer to the dice D s a diem installation operation and maintenance manual for more information assemble the pulsation dampener and install the piping supports in the desired location prior to installation start by removing the chosen auxiliary port connector you install the pulsation dampener in place using the piping supports screw the DOS connector in place you a pulsation dampener installation now complete if required perceived with the pulsation dampener adjustment referred to manufacturers manual for more information on the pulsation dampener.

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