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How do I replace the diaphragms on my DICE Dosing Module?
How do I replace the diaphragms on my DICE Dosing Module?
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Replacing a back pressure valve (or pressure relief valve) diaphragm on a DICE™ module is a simple procedure.

Video: DICE™: How to Replace the Diaphragms on the DICE™ Chemical Dosing Modules

Transcript (auto-generated):

The diaphragm replacement procedure on the back pressure valve and the pressure relief valve is extremely simple it can be done either while the dice is installed or with the dice removed for maintenance if the dice is installed on a dozing system make sure there is no pressure or residual chemical inside the dice unit before proceeding with maintenance always wear the required personal protective equipment refer to the dice DS and diem installation operation and maintenance manual for more information in this video we'll be replacing a Viton diaphragm on a back pressure valve start by removing the valve adjustment screw completely you unscrew the four mounting bolts you remove the valve body with its four mounting screws then remove the spring and seat assembly and the old diaphragm from the dice block always clean and dry the diaphragm sealing surface on the dice block before installing the new diaphragm once it's done install the new diaphragm and reinstall the spring and seat assembly then reinstall the valve body with the four mounting screws start by tightening the four mounting screws and tore up to 25 pound inches you then apply the final torque of 35-pound inches on the mounting screws you reinstall the adjustment screw you proceed with the dice setup and adjustment.

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