These two videos give a good introduction to DICE

Video: An Overview of the DICEā„¢ Chemical Dosing Modules DS and DM

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The patent-pending technology of DICE is a simple compact all-in-one solution to integrate all the necessary components of a chemical dosing system inside a single module the dace modules are installed at the dosing pump discharge and feature the fouling components a back pressure valve to maintain a constant pressure on the dosing pump discharge a pressure relief valve to limit the system from over pressurizing a pressure indicator with an isolator to set the back pressure valve pressure relief valve as well as validating proper pump operation three ball valves allowing for a pump calibration and to isolate and release the pressure inside the module the DICE DS and DM modules are equipped with three ports on the side that can be used for secondary pumps or additional accessories such as a pulsation dampener pressure transmitter etc in normal operation the dosing pump will be pumping chemicals from the chemical tank inside the DICE Inlet then passing through the back pressure valve and into the injection line feeding the process the pressure indicator will be measuring the back pressure valve setpoint in this case 70 psi when a clear acrylic modules use fluid flow for the module can be seen by looking through the transparent material this makes it extremely easy to troubleshoot the system in the case of a block pipe a blocked injection coil are simply a closed isolation valve the pressure relief valve will open and cycle back the excess fluid into the chemical tank or directly to the pump suction depending on the configuration this will prevent the system from over pressurizing the pressure indicator will be measuring the pressure relief valve setpoint in this case under psi in order to cover multiple applications we offer two days configurations the DICE DS model for suction lift applications and the DICE DM model for flooded suction application the DICE addresses the prevailing week problems on chemical dosing systems by having no glued or threaded connections under pressure outside by integrating several components into a single module it makes it easier to design fabricate install and maintain a dubbing system as shown the DICE vertical fluid path allows gas to easily escape avoiding problems related to the trap gas in the dozing systems features and minimal pressurized volume which makes it extremely fast for the pump to pressurized or repressurize the system for more technical information visit our website.

Video: Summary of the DICE Module by Convergent Water Controls

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I want to introduce to you a new product called the DICE which is a patented product developed and manufactured by Meunier Technologies in Canada as you can see all the components incorporated in this acrylic block takes up a considerable less footprint than you would in a traditional dosing skid what makes the DICE product very reliable and robust is that it has no solvent world connections between the individual components and no threaded joints which are sealed with teflon tape available x stock are also a whole range of accessories and spare parts for the DICE you can use this with any brand of dosing pump out in the market.

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