Video: EXCEL XR Chemical Metering Pump, Stayprime Degassing Technology

Transcript (auto-generated):

Introducing the excel XR chemical metering pump from LMI all excel XR models are equipped with LM i's new stay prime degassing technology stay prime degassing technology helps mitigate the risk of losing prime by automating a priming cycle after a preset amount of pump idle time stay prime works by monitoring elapsed time when the pump is stopped once the preset idle time has elapsed a priming cycle is triggered to run at 100% capacity for the configured runtime the timer will reset and this process will repeat until the pump is started manually or via external control to configure first ensure the pump is safely installed with tubing properly connected with the pump stopped enter the menu and select state Prime settings enable stay Prime by selecting the enabled setting on the screen set the desired pump idle interval and subsequent priming run time once said press the Save button to enable stay Prime from the home screen confirm that stay Prime is enabled by locating the icon in the notification bar the state prime degassing timer will remain active as long as the icon remains in the notification bar when the priming sequence is engaged the icon will turn green while the pump is priming to disable return to the state prime settings and select disabled setting once disabled press the Save button to save your selection note the state Prime icon is no longer in the notification bar for more information visit LM i pumps calm or contact your local distributor.

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