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How to I configure an Excel XR pump with 4-20mA remote control?
How to I configure an Excel XR pump with 4-20mA remote control?
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Video: EXCEL XR in Analog Mode

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Configuring the Excel XR metering pump. In analog mode, the Excel XR metering pump fits seamlessly into the process control requirements of every application and provides everything you need for complete control of your process this video will guide you through the analog configuration steps remember to always read the instruction manual carefully paying particular attention to warnings and precautions before installing or making changes to any pump always follow safety procedures including the use of proper clothing eye and face protection configuring the XR metering pump in analog mode allows you to take advantage of its remote control capabilities through an external device such as a process controller first make sure your pump is stopped if you need to stop the pump press the start/stop button located on the left of the display screen notice the pump status indicator icon and it's corresponding LED if the green LED is illuminated the pump is operating and when the LED light is off the pump is stopped once you've confirmed the pump is stopped determine its current operating mode by viewing the icon in the upper left corner of the notification bar if the pump is already in analog mode a milliamp icon will be visible in the notification bar in this example we see a hand icon indicating that the pump is in manual mode we need to change the operating mode using the context-sensitive button that corresponds to the operating mode icon at the bottom of the screen first press the mode button to change to analog mode as indicated by the milliamp symbol in the navigation area the main display will be a graph on the x-axis is the input current that the pump is reading in our example 12 milliamps the y-axis indicates the pump flow rate in our example from 1 to 18 gallons our two set points are indicated point 1 which is set at 4 milliamps and 1 gallon per hour and point 2 which is set at 19 million and 18 gallons per hour our pump will operate along this green line at any given input current on the x-axis you can plot and see what your flow rate will be for the output of the pump the red dot indicates our current reading so the pump is at a 12 milliamp signal which corresponds to a 10 gallons per hour flow rate let's continue configuring the settings for analog mode first press the up or down arrow to highlight and then adjust the settings notice the graph resembles the main display screen only smaller this graph indicates set point one and two these set points are indicated on the right side of the display as P 1 and P 2 use the left and right indicators with the corresponding context-sensitive buttons to scroll between parameters the blue highlighted parameter indicates the selected value which can be updated by using the up and down arrow buttons as an example we'll adjust the parameters for 0.1 first we keep the flow rate at 1 gallon and then scroll down to adjust the current to 5 milliamps and below the chart adjusts to reflect the updated settings next 4.2 let's adjust the pump to operate at 17 gallons per hour for signals of 19 milliamps or greater from here you can cancel the settings by pressing the context-sensitive menu button for exit without saving or save the settings by pressing the context-sensitive menu button for the save symbol a confirmation save icon will appear in the notification bar then press the exit button to return to the main display menu as you can see our chart has been updated and the parameters for the set points reflect the values we input 5 milliamps at 1 gallon per hour and 19 million sets 17 gallons per hour we are still reading 12 milliamps but the pump is operating at 9 gallons per hour the pump is now configured to our specifications and we can press the start/stop button at the left of the screen to start the pump for more information on the Excel XR metering pump refer to the manual or contact your local stocking distributor LMI provides one of the most extensive lines of chemical metering pumps and controllers around the world with a commitment to quality and reliability that are unsurpassed in the industry visit us online or contact your local stocking distributor you can rely on LMI.

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