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How do I set up Pulse Multiply an LMI AD8 or AD9 Series pump?
How do I set up Pulse Multiply an LMI AD8 or AD9 Series pump?

A step-by-step guid to program AD9 pumps for pulse multiply and batch accumulate modes

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The LMI AD8 and AD9 pumps allow you to utilize pulse multiply and batch accumulate. This guide will walk you through programming these modes

Follow along with the video tutorial or click the timestamp next to any step to jump to that point in the video.

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How to: Pulse Multiply Mode

Step 1: Prepare the Pump

Make sure the pump is plugged into a properly grounded power source and that it is turned off. The power LED light on the control panel should be off.

Step 2: Activate Pulse Multiply Programming Function

Press the mode key and navigate through the control modes using the down key. Select the multiply mode symbol and press the power key.

Step 3: Set the Multiply Number

Use the up key to change the multiply number under "n." For this example, set the number to 10. Press the power key to activate the multiply mode.

Step 4: Connect the Input Cable

Attach the input cable to the five-pin connector. The blue and white wires are your pulse input source.

How to: Batch Accumulate Mode

Step 1: Turn Off the Pump

Ensure that the power LED light on the lower left side of the control panel is off.

Step 2: Navigate to Advanced Setup

Press the mode key, navigate using the down key to "Advanced Setup," and press the power key. Use the down key to navigate to the batch accumulate symbol, press the power key, and then press the up key.

Step 3: Activate Batch Accumulate Mode

Press the power key to save, then press the mode key. Use the up key to navigate back to the multiply mode and press the power key. The batch accumulate symbol should now be present.

✅ Your AD8 or AD9 pump is now programmed for pulse multiply and/or batch accumulate modes.

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