LMI's Excel XR pumps are driven by a variable speed stepper motor - ideal for continuous feed. the following videos will help you get to know the software and configure your pump.

Video: EXCEL XR - Navigation (2020)

Transcript (auto-generated):

Excel XR metering pump main display navigation introducing the xlx our series of metering pumps from LMI in addition to its contact sensitive display the XR fits seamlessly into the process control requirements of every application and provides everything you need for complete control of your process this video will review the pumps main navigation functionality before we start always remember to read the instruction manual carefully paying particular attention to warnings and precautions before installing or making changes to any pump always follow safety procedures including the use of proper clothing eye and face protection let's review the XRS main navigation first let's take a look at the main displays key icons and controls the notification bar located across the top of the display screen offers information at a glance including the pumps operating mode alarms status time and more depending on screen functions in this example the hand icon indicates the pump is operating in manual mode and the padlock signifies the keypad is currently locked the notification bar can display up to 10 different icons so refer to your manual to see the complete list along with their meanings this screen is the main operating mode display for the pump the image in the center of the screen shows the pumps current flow rate in gallons or liters per hour as well as the flow rate percentage which the user programs you'll see along the bottom of the screen additional icons and their corresponding context-sensitive menu buttons let's review them from left to right mode this button changes the operation of the pump between six possible modes manual analog pulse batch cycle timer and timed event prime pressing this button will start priming the pump by default priming is set to 60 seconds at 100% but this can be customized in settings lock this button allows the user to lock the keypad or unlock the keypad with a user selected four-digit pin number you settings this button takes you to a settings menu keep in mind that each model offers additional settings to complete the pump's configuration for your application refer to the manual to see the full list we can also see along the left side of the screen two buttons and to Ali D indicators the start/stop button immediately starts or stops the pop the 100% button transitions the pump to its maximum predetermined flow rate the pump status indicator icon and it's corresponding green LED indicates when the pump is operating pressing the start/stop button illuminates the green LED and starts the pump pressing the start/stop button again stops the pump and the green LED light turns off the tank level indicator icon corresponds to an LED which is used when configured for an external tank and connected to a digital input this LED will illuminate amber when the tank is low finally you'll notice two additional buttons position to the right of the screen these up and down arrows work accordingly within each mode on the main display screen use these buttons to increase or decrease the flow hold the button to scroll to the desired setting for more information on the XL XR metering pump refer to the manual or contact your local sales representative LMI provides one of the most extensive lines of chemical metering pumps and controllers around the world with a commitment to quality and reliability that are unsurpassed in the industry visit us online or contact your local stocking distributor you can rely on LMI.

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