This video shows you how to operate the PD0 and PD7 pumps from LMI

Video: PD Series Metering Pump Navigation FINAL 03 20 18

Transcript (auto-generated):

Introducing the PD series chemical metering pump from LMI choose between two control options the manual model offers straightforward operation simply set the dial to the percent capacity you need and stroke rate is adjusted a split scale dial ensures precision even at lower flow rates the enhanced model offers control through its digital display operation is intuitive using the five button keypad adjust the flow rate using the directional arrows and press start stop to run the pump to start a 60-second priming sequence press and hold for two seconds ensure the pump is stopped to enter the menu navigate through the menu options using the directional arrows press the enter button to drill down and press enter to select an item use the menu button at any time to go back in settings with variable input press ENTER to edit use the arrows to select your value and press ENTER to save where applicable select the check mark to enable the mode the home screen displays key operating parameters such as motive operation flow rate stroke speed and percent capacity starting the pump turns the indicator ring green alert indications will appear in the notification bar for more information visit LM i pumps.

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