LMI's PD7 can be externally controlled via pulse input, remote start stop, and tank level alarms. This video shows how to configure the pump using these inputs.

Video: PD Series Metering Pump Inputs FINAL 03 20 18

Transcript (auto-generated):

Introducing the PD series chemical metering pump from LMI the enhanced model is equipped with inputs that enable external pulse control remote start/stop and tank level indication external pulse control external pulse control allows an incoming pulse signal to control the flow by connecting the external pacing device such as a flow meter stroke rate is adjusted proportionally to the frequency of incoming pulses with the included five pin cable connect the pacing device using the wires shown with the pump stopped press the Menu button to enter the menu enter the external pulse control settings to configure the parameters determine the ratio of incoming pulses to desired flow rate highlighting the parameter that you wish to change press enter to edit use the arrows to select the desired value press ENTER to save if desired set a limit for the maximum flow rate as a percent of the pumps capacity as needed adjust the minimum pulse width any pulses shorter than this threshold will be ignored when your configuration is complete highlight the check mark and press ENTER to enable external pulse mode from the home screen confirm that external pulse mode is active by the icon on the notification bar press start stop to start the pump as incoming pulses are received the pump will adjust its stroke rate to dose as configured remote start/stop remote start/stop allows external activation with the included five pin cable connect to the remote switch using the wires shown once the remote switch is closed remote start/stop mode is enabled and the pump will start opening the switch will stop the pump the mode can be disabled by manually pressing the start/stop button on the front of the pump tank level input level switch input allows low and empty tank indication connect a single or dual level switch to the 3-pin connector when the low tanks which is triggered the pump indication ring will turn yellow and the low level icon will appear in the notification bar when the empty tanks which is triggered the pump will stop the indication ring will turn red and the empty level icon will appear in the notification bar once the tank is refilled the pump will automatically restart for more information visit LM i pumps calm.

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