LMI's PD7 with digital display includes a calibration mode to improve the accuracy of the flow shown on the screen. This video shows you how it's done.

Video: PD Series Metering Pump Calibration FINAL

Transcript (auto-generated):

Introducing the PD series chemical metering pump from LMI the enhanced model is equipped with calibration assist to enable easy and accurate pump calibration after installing the pump adjust the flow rate to the desired capacity with the pump stopped press menu and navigate to the calibration icon press enter to drill down into calibration settings with the suction line drawing from a calibration column press Start to begin pumping allow the pump to run for 100 strokes or until the calibration column runs low stop the pump and compare the estimated volume shown on the screen to the actual volume drawn from the calibration column use the navigation arrows to adjust the estimated flow to match the actual press ENTER to save this value select the check mark to confirm the pump is now calibrated return the suction line readjust the flow rate to desired capacity and press Start to resume pumping for more information visit LM i pumps calm.

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