This video shows you how to wire a 3 wire solenoid valve to a W100.

Video: W100: Wiring a solenoid valve

Transcript (auto-generated):

In this video I'll show you how to wire the solenoid valve to the W 100 controller for this wiring I'll have a copy of the action book and some screwdrivers small flathead screwdrivers to wire the solenoid valve into the controller the solenoid valve itself has three wires a ground wire and two signal wires or two power wires polarity is not critical for the solenoid valve so if you look at the wiring diagram for the controller you'll see if it's a solenoid valve you've got the ground goes to tb-3 and the other two wires go to tb4 and then r1 on the normally open side before doing any wiring on the controller remember to cut power to it the w100 does have a protective cover over the relays II and the terminals it pulls right off and inside you'll see the terminals clearly marked here is r1 and then normally opened here is T b4 and here is T b3 for the ground I remember the song light valve has three wires the ground we're going to wire up here and the other two wires to normally open an r1 and the other one on tv4 you can run the wires from the solenoid valve and one of the connectors in the bottom of the controller and also make sure the the ends of the wires are nice and clean and if there's any frayed wires just snip them off just to make sure you have really good contacts when you wire them into the terminal strips so put one of the red wires in to relay one and you want to actually have a smaller screwdriver listen it up and slide it in a tug of connecting the other red wire to tb4 and now I'm going to connect the ground wire into the terminal on tv3 and I can use a little larger screwdriver to get a better grip let's close lid and see if it works okay so I have the lid closed we're all powered up we have the relay or the solenoid valve wired up into the relay and I'm going to test it so to get to the relays the down arrow I've wired it to relay 1 enter settings and I'm going to put it into hand hit the check comes right on put it back off turns off everything's wired correctly.

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