Trying to make sense of what's inside your W900? This video shows you how to properly wire a conductivity sensor and motorized ball valve.

Video: Intro to the W900: Wiring

Transcript (auto-generated):

In this video I'll show you how to wire up the w900 Siri controller specifically a conductivity sensor and a motorized ball valve inside you'll see we have the input/output slots with the input/output cards there are four slots each one can take one card this particular controller has two cards one is for two direct sensors the other is for two analog inputs and four analog outputs below you have the terminal strips and each terminal strip or block corresponds with the input/output board directly above it so if you have these two sensor inputs here you wire them up down here directly below them and on the side here are all the relays and this particular controller has powered relays and also has a pulse output but for this video we'll be wiring up the powered relays and one of the sensor inputs the conductivity sensor when wiring up the conductivity sensor it's important to wire in the correct location in the terminal blocks this is input output slot number one and I have the dual sensor input card so the conductivity sensor will be wired into the terminal blocks directly below the block on top is TB 1a the block below is TB one B so this would be channel 1 and channel 2 for this card's 2 sensor inputs and since I want my conductivity cents there to be sensor 1 I'll wire it into TB 1a at the top block now the conductivity sensor will have a red black green and white wire along with a grounding shield now I'll refer to the instructions on wiring the red wire goes to input 5 the black to 7 and the temperature wires the green and the white wires will go to 9 and 10 with a shield going on 11 and since this will be my sensor input 1 will wire this up into channel 1 now in the controller I'll be wiring to TB 1a right here so the red and the black tie said go to 5 and 7 so you'll see 5 here and 7 where the red and the black though the temperature wires the green and the white will go to nine and ten and then the shield of the ground wire will go to eleven so what I'll do is I'll take this sensor I'll take the sensor wires maybe kind of narrow them up and then I'm going to put them through this connector down here and then wire them to the board so now we look inside the controller you see I have the red on five the black on 7 and the two temp wires the green and the white on nine and ten and the shield or the ground on eleven so these are the wires these this is the cable from the connectivity sensor and these are the wires that are wired into TB 1a which corresponds to the sensor input after you wire before you close up the controller to program it to calibrate make sure you replace the protective covers and now you can turn the unit back on and we can do some programming.

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