This video shows you how to properly install a additional sensor input card in a WCT600

Video: W600: Installing a new sensor input card.

Transcript (auto-generated):

Welcome to aide 600 training video in this video I'm going to show you how to install another sensor input card if you look at this control right now I'll press the inputs and you'll see there's only one sensor input if I open it up you'll see there's the one sensor input card here and then there's a slot down here that's empty that we're going to take a another sensor input card install it here and then show you how to program it so what I'm going to do is I'm going to cut power to the controller you turn it off but you also cut power so unplug it or if it's hardwired make sure that power is completely cut because there is still voltage inside here and then I'm going to take this board here and there's four screw holes here I'm going to mount it down there when you order it as a spare parts it does come with spare screws so you can mount it there screw it down and then go back and program it when you're installing it you want to make sure that this right here goes into this down here so it goes down like that so I'm going to take this push it on very carefully and then push it in place like I said it does come with four spare screws so all you have to do is take them just put them in and scroll min after it's all in place make sure that it's all the screws are tight you can plug it back in and then close it up and then turn it on if you get everything the right way it should come up with two direct sensor inputs across my fingers here and then you have to censor inputs now so I took a WCT 600 with one sensor input and I put an additional card and now I have to direct sensor inputs.

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