This video steps through the programming and configuration of a WCT600

Video: WCT600 Programming

Transcript (auto-generated):

Welcome to programming six-hundred I'm going to show you how to program the WCT 600 for a cooling tower application I'll program the conductivity sensor and relay for the bleed relay in a relay for the inhibitor feed pump for the sensor press inputs and then sensor 1 the settings key type and choose contact and conductivity hit the check to accept it and then back to the main menu for the relays press outputs for this example the bleed valve is wired into relay 1 so I'll hit the Settings go down to the mode I'll make sure it's on off set point and then hit check and then hit the settings again just to make sure the input is the conductivity sensor you program for sensor input number 1 go back to the main menu outputs and now the inhibitor feed pump relay press relay 2 for this example that pump is wired into relay 2 and then settings then the down arrow till you get to mode and you have a couple of choices there are three choices for inhibitor feet you can do bleed and feed bleed then feed or feed after bleed or a flow timer I'm going to choose bleed then feed hit check then the settings again and I'm going to make sure that the bleed is the relay we just programmed for the believe valve so now the bleed valve will come on when it turns off the inhibitor feed pump will come on go back to the main menu and after you make any changes in the modes for any relays double check and make sure they're on auto and not off so press the HOA relay one is off you want that auto relay to is off and you want that to be in Auto as well and you can go back to the main menu.

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