What if I'm tax exempt?

Tax-Exempt Orders - Instructions and Information

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Where does Supplyline collect Sales Tax?

Where we have to!

Supplyline collects sales tax where we (or our sellers) have economic nexus. This list includes: NJ, NY, PA, FL, GA, OH, WA and depending on where your order ships from: VA, MD, ID, & TX

Like all things, this is subject to change!

How do I share my tax exemption?

  1. Check the box:

    Please check the "exempt" box at checkout to flag it for review.

  2. Send us your exemption

    Once you have completed checkout, reply to the "Order Confirmed" email (or send us a new one at [email protected]) with your tax exemption paperwork attached

Once we receive it, we will verify your eligibility, and upon approval we will apply the exemption to your order.

If you were charged tax at checkout, the amount collected will be refunded.

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