I have a heavy material to store. Will Peabody tanks hold it?

Our standard tanks are rated for 1.5 specific Gravity (SG). This means that they are rated for materials weighing up to 1.5 times the weight of water (8.345404 pounds per gallon), or 12.518 pounds per gallon 73 degrees F (ambient).Our Heavy Duty tanks are rated for 2.0 SG, or 16.691 pounds per gallon at 73 degrees F (ambient). Please be aware that as the temperature of the tank contents increases, the SG rating decreases, due to the softening of the tank wall. Highly aggressive chemicals should always be stored in heavy duty tanks for an added measure of safety. A fiberglass wrap on the tank sidewall will also increase the tank’s ability to hold heavy liquids. We can install a fiberglass wrap on any of our tanks. Call one of our tank specialists for help in determining if you can benefit from adding fiberglass reinforcing to your tank.

Source: FAQs - Peabody

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