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Peabody Engineering Support
Peabody Engineering Support

Supplyline's Knowledge Base for Peabody Tanks. Help Center articles to help you configure, install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot Peabody Tanks

32 articles
Common do’s and don’ts with poly tanks.
Can I get help in specifying all of my fittings, accessories and installation recommendations to assure a quality installation and a long-term service life?
Can I get full drain fittings installed in my tank?
How often should I inspect my tank for cracks or wear?
When I put fittings on the dome of my tank, they point off at odd angles and it’s hard to connect piping to them. What can I do about this?
Can I paint my tank?
What type of surface is required for placement of a vertical tank?
Can I put large fittings in my tank, 4″ and larger?
Is polypropylene a good option for my aggressive chemical application?
I have a heavy material to store. Will Peabody tanks hold it?
Can I store products in your tanks at high temperature?
Can your tank be used in below freezing temperatures?
Can your tanks be buried?
Do Peabody tanks hold Pressure?
What is the warranty on my tank?
Will my rectangular tank bulge when I fill it with liquid?
What is the life expectancy of my tank?
Can I store chemicals or fertilizers in the black or dark green water storage tanks?
What chemicals can I store in your tanks?
Why should I choose a polyethylene tank for my application?
Are your tanks suitable for agricultural chemicals?
Can you assist me with specifications, detailed tank drawings, submittals and engineering for my tank application?
Does the color of a tank have any significance?
How should I plumb my tank?
Is it normal for my tank to bulge on the bottom sidewall when I fill it up?
What is the wall thickness of your tanks?
Can I store Biodiesel in your tanks?
Are your tanks suitable for sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, ferrous chloride and sodium hydroxide and other aggressive chemicals?
Are your above ground tanks NSF approved?
Are your Tanks FDA compliant?
Can you put my Company branding or Logo on your tanks?
I need a special tank that I don’t see on your website. Can you help me?