Why should I choose a polyethylene tank for my application?

Polyethylene tanks are an excellent choice for atmospheric (non-pressure) storage of liquids ranging from water to food products to aggressive chemicals. They cost less than stainless steel, aluminum and fiberglass tanks and their seamless construction offers a durable, long-lasting choice for all of your tank requirements. Poly tanks are lightweight — less than half the weight of steel tanks, so installation and handling is a breeze. They have excellent impact and chemical resistance so they will never rust or corrode. Our tanks are made from 100% virgin FDA approved resins so they are ideal for storage and processing of drinking water, food and cosmetic products, as well as high purity chemicals. They are all molded with Ultra-violet (UV) inhibitors, so direct sunlight will not degrade them for a very long time. Our natural resins are translucent, so you can see the liquid level through the tank wall on all of our single-walled tanks.

Source: FAQs - Peabody

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